prevent 词形变化:


prevent 短语搭配:

Prevent Deterioration 防止老化, 防止变坏,防止变质;

prevent corruption 防止腐败;

prevent epidemic 阻止疫情;

prevent disease 预防疾病,防病;

Prevent pollution 防污,杜绝污染,防治污染;

Wash prevent 防锈漆;

prevent desertification 防止荒漠化,防止沙漠化;

Prevent Restore 彻底删除文件,卸载软件;

prevent 例句及翻译:

1. He tried to prevent union money from being sequestrated by the courts.


2. They were acting to prevent the state from trespassing on family matters such as sex education.


3. I limit and prevent by my act of possession, no matter how kind my intention.


4. The previous method would dissolve the crystals and prevent researchers and doctors from seeing the impact.


5. The aim should be to reduce the pain and to finance necessary adjustment, but not prevent it.


6. Now, it is using all its influence to try to prevent new entrants such as BT vision and top up TV from getting a foothold in the market.

而今,该公司正利用其全部影响力,试图阻挠bt vision和top up tv等新进入者在市场上立足。

7. The existence of administrative monopoly hinders the fair competition and economic reform in our country, and finally it will prevent our economy from developing.